‘Govt. shortcomings led to vaccine shortage’

2021-05-04 at 17:44

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa says Sri Lanka is facing a shortage of coronavirus vaccines owing to the shortcomings of the government.

Speaking in Parliament today MP Premadasa questioned the government of the utilisation of the funds of the COVID-19 Itukama Fund during the pandemic.

He accused the government of creating false news and using this period to political gain.

MP Premadasa added the government followed religious activities instead of focusing on the vaccination process and thereafter brought forward an alleged ayurvedic syrup cure.

He noted the contract to sell and promote the syrup was initiated by the government.

The Parliamentarian said while other countries assured their citizens health through COVID vaccinations, the Lankan government blindly believed in other virus-fixes.

He highlighted the world was now facing a shortage of vaccination doses adding Sri Lanka too faced a similar fate owing to the incompetence of the government.