Sigiriya Rock to be made no-polythene zone

2019-01-30 at 12:47

The magnificent Sigiriya Rock Fortress, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, will be made a ‘no-polythene zone’ from the 1st of February.

Accordingly, the use of polythene bags, lunch sheets, rigifoam boxes and other shopping bags, will be prohibited within the designated area surrounding the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

Speaking to NewsRadio, Project Manager-Sigiriya, Major NAA Nishantha said visitors will also be restricted from taking several food items from next month.

The decision was taken to minimise the environmental impact and inconvenience caused to animals within the protective site.

Major NAA Nishantha added a new conservation project will be launched in line with programmes carried out at other national parks and protective sites in the country to conserve the historic Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

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