‘SL has made substantial progress with UN resolution’

2019-03-21 at 08:53

Sri Lanka says the country remains committed to pursuing the process of Truth, Justice, Reparations and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence in 2015 and has continued to take concrete action since, to move forward on these pillars.

Responding to the report of the High Commissioner of Human Rights on Sri Lanka, leader of the Lankan delegation, Foreign Affairs Minister Tilak Marapana highlighted the substantial progress Sri Lanka has made in implementing the commitments of the 2015 UN resolution 30/1 since its last review in 2017.

Appreciating the acknowledgement throughout High Commoner’s report of the open, constructive and cooperative approach adopted by the Government of Sri Lanka, towards all stakeholders, both within and outside the country, and with the processes and mechanisms of this Council, Marapana said Sri Lanka’s intention has been to engage comprehensively so that “our deep-rooted commitment to achieving reconciliation is made evident.”

Pointing out that the action by the Sri Lankan security forces during the conflict was against a group designated as a terrorist organization by many countries, and not against any community, the Minister said all communities in Sri Lanka were united against terrorism, and now that terrorism has been defeated, all communities are working in unison towards reconciliation and economic progress.

Responding to the High Commissioner’s claim that Sri Lanka’s ordinary criminal justice system is unable to deal with the nature of the allegations of human right violations, the Minister said the judicial system in Sri Lanka is adequately equipped to deal with complex crimes while the complex criminal investigations are time consuming.

In conclusion, Minister Marapana said the Government looks forward to continuing its engagement with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Human Rights mechanisms and procedures, and working in close cooperation with the international community in its journey towards achieving civil, political as well as socio-economic and cultural rights, and consolidating durable peace and reconciliation for the Sri Lankan people.

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