SLPP challenges UNP to file Impeachment Motion

2018-12-06 at 13:04

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna has challenged the United National Party and other parties to file an Impeachment Motion against the President, if they believe his actions are unconstitutional.

Parliamentarian WDJ Seneviratne speaking at a media breifing this morning said the 19th Amendment to the Constitution has created a sense of leniency in the country.

He said if one is against the actions of the executive President then they can bring in an Impeachment Motion, adding an Impeachment Motion was once tabled against R Premadasa.

He stressed there is nothing standing in the way of them bringing in such a motion, further remarking an Impeachment Motion requires a simple majority of 113.

He stated the group that claims they have a majority can easily table an Impeachment Motion as that is the legal ground.

He however charged instead of resorting to such action they created chaos and filed several Fundamental Rights petitions, which are today being heard before the Supreme Court.

He said the 19th Amendment has allowed a sense of leniency where anyone can do anything through the Constitution.

MP Mahinda Yapa Abeywardene who was also present at the media breifing said the Sergeant-at-Arms failed to fulfil his responsibilities.

He pointed that everyone witnessed the mace was not brought in through the main door, noting the mace is supposed to be brought in, in a respectable manner.

He remarked the mace was brought in through the door that is used by MPs to go to the toilet, adding the Sergeant-at-Arms can be accused of failing to fulfil his duties appropriately at the time.

The MP stressed he has no authority to take the mace wherever he pleases, adding he has to place it in its due spot and then return it back to the room where the mace is placed.