‘SLPP deceiving the public to consolidate power’

2020-06-30 at 16:16

The JVP has accused the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna-administration of deceiving the public in a bid to consolidate governing power.

Speaking to media in Colombo today, Former Member of Parliament Sunil Handunnetti said those who are part of the government have been making contradictory statements pertaining to the proposed Millennium Challenge Corporation agreement.

Handunnetti said at the General Election, the government is appealing for votes claiming that the President alone cannot function.

He added during the last Presidential Election, the government claimed that only Gotabaya Rajapaksa can run the country, and have come forward with a claim that President Rajapaksa needs the support of Parliament.

The Former JVP MP noted that a clear example is the MCC agreement, adding that during the Presidential Election period, on election stages they claimed Gotabaya Rajapaksa will ditch the agreement if he comes into power.

Handunnetti charged that the government is seeking a two thirds majority to scrap the MCC agreement.

Former MP Handunnetti on a separate note charged the government of scheming to garner the votes of certain factions under the guise of combating the coronavirus.

He added the President has met tuition tutors, while district level contestants are also meeting with tuition tutors.

The Former JVP MP claimed that the government has begun their coronavirus eradication mission and have also tied it up with the election.