Will never protest Parliament democracy-SLPP

2018-12-07 at 17:25

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna says the group will never protest against Parliament democracy.

Parliamentarian Shehan Semasinghe speaking at a media breifing today said requests to Speaker of House Karu Jayasuriya to convene Parliament under accepted Standing Orders, have gone unheard.

MP Semasinghe added the governing party boycotted Parliament based on a few reasons.

He noted the SLPP boycotted sessions not because they are against Parliament democracy or Parliament adding, they repeatedly told the Speaker to ensure Parliament Standing Orders, laws, the Constitution and traditions are adhered to when Parliament convenes.

MP Shehan Semasinghe also charged that United National Party Parliamentarian Ajith P Perera has failed to garner the support of 113 UNPers.

He said to date, Ajith P Perera could not show his majority to the President on behalf of the United National Party.

MP Semasinghe claimed that the UNP has no majority and are simply trying to fish in troubled waters.

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