Social media scams: Rs.61 Mn defrauded from public

2020-09-16 at 19:00

Police say organised criminals have defrauded Rs.61 million from the general public in the recent past through the use of social media platforms.

The Head of the Information Technology Division of the Police Department, DIG Lal Seneviratne said scammers have been operating under the guise of digital lottery schemes, online prizes and foreign employment opportunities.

Speaking during a media briefing at the Police headquarters in Colombo today, DIG Lal Seneviratne said they have received 101 complaints thus far pertaining to such incidents.

He said online scammers continue to target the vulnerable public via social media platforms.

DIG Lal Seneviratne noted that the public had been requested by the scammers to pay customs fees and courier charges through back accounts to release the purported prize money.

He said four Nigerian nationals have been arrested pertaining to the incidents while several Chinese nationals and others personnel are under investigation.

DIG Lal Seneviratne said the public should exercise caution when dealing with strangers online.

The Head of the Information Technology Division of the Police Department noted that scammers have reportedly identified Sri Lankans as potentially easy targets.

He said they have been carrying out such scams targeting Sri Lankans for a lengthy period of time.

Separately, Police says a special investigation is currently underway to arrested a couple who had been involved several robberies at jewellery shops.

DIG Lal Seneviratne said the couple was involved in robbing jewellery from various parts of the country.