‘Speaker followed due procedure with regard to MR’s NCM’

2018-11-20 at 18:47

A former Secretary General of Parliament Nihal Seneviratne says Speaker of House Karu Jayasuriya has followed standing orders and Parliamentary norms pertaining to the No Confidence Motion tabled against Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Speaking to NewsRadio Seneviratne commended the Speaker’s actions during the unrest reported in Parliament following the tabling of the Motion.

He noted a voice vote is permitted through Standing Orders adding when a vote was called in Parliament on the No Confidence Motion Parliamentarians did not oppose when asked for those not in favour and therefore the Speaker claimed that the Motion was passed.

The former Secretary General stressed the Speaker could not call a vote by name as many Parliamentarians were not in their seats.

He reiterated the Speaker was left with no other means out, due to the unrest that was caused in Parliament.

The former General Secretary Nihal Seneviratne meanwhile said the public’s trust towards Parliament has been tarnished as a result of the behaviour of certain MPs in Parliament over the last few days.

The General Secretary noted the incident was very disappointing and unfortunate claiming he has never seen such an incident throughout his 35 years of service.

Seneviratne added he expects such behaviour within the Parliamentary chamber will not continue adding Parliamentarians should resolve the matter through discussions.

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