Sri Lanka placed 64th in the Global Hunger Index

2020-10-17 at 14:06

Sri Lanka is ranked 64th out of 107 countries in the latest Global Hunger Index.

Global Hunger Index is “a tool designed to comprehensively measure and track hunger at the global, regional, and national levels”.

Data from the United Nations and other multilateral agencies are used for the calculation.

Sri Lanka is ranked above all South Asian neighbours according to the 2020 Global Hunger Index report. In the South Asian Region, Nepal is placed 73rd, Bangladesh 75th, Myanmar 78th, Pakistan 88th, India 94th while Afghanistan is ranked 99th according to the latest report.

According to 2020 GHI scores, three countries have alarming levels of hunger – Chad, Timor-Leste, and Madagascar.

According to the report, nearly 690 million people are undernourished.

Worldwide hunger is at a moderate level, according to the 2020 Global Hunger Index.