‘Sri Lanka still vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreak’

2020-09-30 at 18:23

The Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health reiterates that Sri Lanka is still vulnerable to the COVID-19 threat, although the spread of the novel coronavirus is under control.

Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera therefore requested the general public to continue to wear face coverings and adhere to health and safety guidelines.

Speaking during a media briefing held in Colombo today, Dr. Samaraweera said officials cannot guarantee that infected persons will not be detected from the community in future.

He said the country still has infected individuals in hospitals and at quarantine centres and therefore the slightest error could result in the spread.

Dr. Samaraweera noted that they will not give an assurance that the country is out of danger.

He added, India continues to report high numbers and Sri Lankans could get exposed to infected Indian nationals in deep seas, or if anyone enters legally or illegally into the country through the sea route.

Dr. Sudath Samaraweera noted that until the discovery of a vaccine and the availability of a stock to treat the entire Lankan public, the novel coronavirus remains a threat for the Sri Lankan society.

Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera noted that the public should minimise the human-to-human contact as much as possible.

He said every citizen should minimise their movements and noted that if possible, individuals must complete their daily tasks in one outside visit.

Dr. Sudath Samaraweera noted that face coverings are essential to reduce transmissions.

He said the keenness to wear face coverings has reduced amongst the public in the past few weeks.

Dr. Sudath Samaraweera noted that the guidelines are not limited to a single area in the country and urged all Sri Lankans to adhere to health and safety guidelines and help combat the novel coronavirus.