Shivajilingam’s TELO membership terminated

2019-10-09 at 11:00

The Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization has decided to terminate the membership of Presidential candidate Parliamentarian MK Shivajilingam.

Leader of TELO, Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian Selvam Adaikkalanathan said Shivajilingam’s membership has been cancelled since the day he submitted nominations to contest the Presidential Election.

MP Adaikkalanathan said the TELO Woking Committee, which is set to convene on the 12th of October, decided to officially cancel the membership of MK Shivajilingam.

The Leader of TELO noted Shivajilingam submitted nominations for the upcoming election as an independent candidate adding that the TELO was not involved in the candidacy.

When inquired by NewsRadio Parliamentarian MK Shivajilingam said he had already stepped down as the Chairman of TELO.

He said in order for him to contest for the Presidential election, he had forwarded a written letter to the General Secretary of the party.

Shivajilingam stated that he stepped down from all the party posts he held and now is simply an ordinary party member.

However he stressed if there are moves to remove him even as a member then he is prepared to face this.

The MP said he could even consider to simply resign as a member of the party adding this was not an issue.