The 19th Amendment is a curse-President

2019-06-26 at 12:25

President Maithripala Sirisena today confirmed that he signed orders to execute four persons found guilty of narcotic related crimes. Speaking at a gathering of Heads of Media institutions at the President’s House the Head of State said the date on when the death penalty will be imposed has been decided.

The President added the date will be made known in the near future. Commenting on the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, the President said the 19th Amendment is the cause behind the political instability in the country. President Sirisena added the 19th Amendment is a curse that was drafted on the requests of Non-Governmental Organisations.

The President also claimed that 2020 will be a prosperous year if the 19th Amendment is abolished claiming whoever comes to power following the next Presidential Election should take measures to abolish the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The President is also of the view that the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, that gives rise to dictatorial governance, should be abolished.

President Sirisena on a separate note said he has not reached a final decision on whether he will contest the upcoming Presidential Election. The President also expressed that the next Presidential Election is just another election to him, who has faced many elections during his political career.

The Head of State pointed out that internal conflict exists between the governing party and the Opposition alike, claiming not a single political party has finalised its candidate. President Sirisena said the Central Committee of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party that convenes this evening will discuss the upcoming Presidential Election at length.

The President said the country’s security situation following the Easter Sunday attacks has stabilised and safety has been ensured. President Sirisena said State of Emergency will likely be extended only for one last time.

The President meanwhile charged that the Parliament Select Committee probing the Easter Sunday attacks is a mere political façade. President Sirisena said he has not been summoned before the Select Committee and neither will he appear before the Committee even if summoned.

The President on a separate note said he expressed his great displeasure during yesterday’s Cabinet of Ministers meeting pertaining to two proposed agreements with the United States.