The Cabinet has a lot to achieve-President

2019-11-22 at 13:14

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says the new Cabinet of Ministers is tasked with fulfilling the aspirations of the public.

Speaking at the swearing in ceremony of the new Cabinet this morning the Head of State said many challenges must be overcome at present.

The President said the people voted for a new government with a lot of hope, adding that the new government has many challenges that must be won over.

President Rajapaksa added while fulfilling these challenges the government must also fulfil the aspirations of the people, especially given that the people are displeased with the political culture in the past.

He noted that the government will move away from such a culture and will focus on an era that the public expects.

President Rajapaksa stated that State Ministers will be sworn in by Monday.

The President said he limited the number of Cabinet Ministers to 15, highlighting that several portfolios were issued for one Minister with relevant Secretaries named, to ensure that both Ministers and State Ministers will fulfil their duties.

President Rajapaksa requested the Ministers to assist State Ministers in carrying out their duties.

He also noted that allegation were circulating of previous State Ministers and Ministers only having to sign documents.

The President also claimed that the most suitable individuals will be appointed to relevant state-run Boards and Corporations.

President Rajapaksa said State Boards and Corporations under Ministries are today loss-making entities, and stressed on the importance of transforming them to profit making entities to ensure they do not burden the Treasury.

The Head of State added that in order to fulfil this, a suitable Chairman and Board of Directors, who are qualified, must be appointed.

The President stated that for this purpose a selection panel will be appointed to select relevant Chairmen and board members.