Three rob residence under guise of PHI officers

2020-10-30 at 16:45

An incident of a group of individuals conducting PCR tests under the guise of Public Health Inspectors, and robbing a residence, has been reported in Mahawa.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said the theft was reported around 3:30 last evening.

The DIG said a group of three, claiming to be PHI officers, had visited the residence and had administered oral medicine for the inmates claiming to conduct PCR tests.

He said the medicine made the residents unconscious adding they regained consciousness this morning to find more than 3.5 pounds of gold stolen.

The DIG meanwhile requested the public to be cautious, highlighting that health units have affirmed that oral medicine is not administered prior to obtaining samples for PCR tests.

He urged the public to be aware and not fall prey to such opportunists at a time that the country is faced with the COVID-19 pandemic.