Three-wheeler owners lodge complaint with SLHRC

2020-05-23 at 07:24

The National Self-Employed Professionals’ Three-Wheeler Federation has lodged a complaint with the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission against the Chairman of the National Election Commission.

The Federation attributed the decision to the Rs.5,000 grant provided by the government being suspended due to the intervention by Mahinda Deshapriya.

Chairman Sunil Jayawardene said the people affected by the coronavirus, have been further burdened as a result of this decision.

He charged the Chairman of Commission of questioning the government over the need to issue the Rs.5,000 as the country is gradually returning to normalcy.

Jayawardene charged that they did not receive the Rs.5,000 this month and will not receive it next month as well.

A decision was reached by the government to include three-wheeler drivers in the governments Rs.5,000 programme.