‘Time-bound plan needed to ensure SL’s commitment’

2019-03-21 at 09:08

New York-based global rights organization, Human Rights Watch says although Sri Lanka is given more time to implement the UN Commitments it made in 2015, the government cannot delay any further and called for stronger measures to monitor the process and a time-bound plan for implementation.

The HRW said while some positive steps have been taken by the government to date, both the current and former High Commissioners in their reports have expressed concern at the slow rate of progress.

The organisation said given the insufficient progress to date, and rising frustrations that any accountability process seems stalled, civil society, Special Procedures, the former and current High Commissioners, and even the resolution Core Group itself have underlined the need for a clear timetable and framework for Sri Lanka to fulfil its commitments.

The rights organization said stronger measures are needed to assist in monitoring, implementing and fulfilling these commitments, such as an OHCHR field presence, Special Procedure and evidence-gathering, justice and accountability mechanisms.

HRW stressed Sri Lanka’s long-term peace and stability hinges upon the international community’s willingness to support the government in addressing the past, so that it may look to the future.