Tuks & bikes not allowed on bus lane from today

2020-09-23 at 06:33

The priority bus lane will be restricted to passenger transport services, school vans and buses and office transport services from today.

Police Media Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police Jaliya Senaratne said passengers must board or disembark buses at bus halts and not at random stops.

SSP Senaratne said buses can enter the outer lane when overtaking another bus that is stopped to drop or board a passenger at bus stops.

The outer lane will otherwise be strictly prohibited to buses.

The Police Media Spokesman added three-wheelers and motorbikes will not be able to travel along the priority bus lane from today and can use the outer lane, preferably the second lane.

He urged motorists to stick to lanes and to refrain from overtaking vehicles constantly.

SSP Senaratne said motorists that are found to be overtaking at will, will be advised by Police.

The traffic lane regulations and the priority bus lane project are being strictly enforced this week along Galle Road, High-level Road, Baseline Road and Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha between 6am and 9am and 4pm and 8pm.