UNP is working against the public -Bandula

2019-07-11 at 17:00

The Opposition says the present government should be overthrown immediately while accusing the United National Party-led administration of working against the people of Sri Lanka.

Speaking during the debate on the No-Confidence Motion filed against the government in Parliament, United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardana, urged all factions to unite to defeat, what he termed as an incompetent administration.

MP Gunawardana added that his faction laid the platform to overthrow the present government last year, and stressed that he will continue to work for the best interest of the country.

The MP said if they succeeded in dissolving Parliament last year, the attacks would’ve been prevented and an election would’ve been conducted on the 5th of January.

He claimed that the formation of a Mahinda Rajapaksa-led government through the dissolution of Parliament would’ve prevented the loss of lives during the Easter Sunday attacks.

MP Gunawardana also claimed that the present government remaining in power is detrimental to the country.