‘UPFA attempting to dissolve special HC’

2018-11-09 at 13:52

The United National Party has charged the United Peoples Freedom Alliance statement pertaining to the abolishment of the Special High Court proves their intent to conceal corruption charges against them.

Parliamentarian Thushara Indunil made these comments speaking at a media briefing at the Temple Trees this morning.

MP Indunil noted after assuming duties as the Minister of Justice Susil Premajayanth claimed that steps will be taken to dissolve the Special High Court that was established to hear cases pertaining to large scale fraud and corruption committed by mainly politicians.

The Parliamentarian stressed when action were taken against those mentioned in the files collected by Mahinda Rajapaksa, Susil Premajayanth is attempting to once again hide the files including his file pertaining to the importation of fuel with less quality.