Mahesh details his Presidential aspirations

2019-10-09 at 17:50

Presidential Candidate of the National People’s Party Former Commander of the Army Mahesh Senanayake says he will ensure the rights of all people if elected as the next Executive President.

Speaking to media in Kandy, Former Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake said he has entered the Presidential race to serve the public who were battered by various socio-political agendas of rulers.

The Former Army Commander said the public must use the vote wisely at the November 16th Polls.

Senanayake noted there was no reason to panic if external political parties formed an alliance with each other adding the National People’s Party will continue its own path.

The Former Army Commander said he is not contesting the Presidential Election for personal gain but to regain what had been lost and what the country needed within the present political culture.