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Majority unaware of waste management projects- President


President Maithripala Sirisena says a majority of the country’s population is unaware of waste management projects.

The Head of State said certain groups are misled and therefore protest against numerous projects unaware of the detailing behind them.

The President speaking during the meeting with heads of media institutions this morning said a number of political groups are misleading the public by spreading false rumours.

President Sirisena pointed out that a number of countries have implemented waste management projects successfully adding countries with such programmes should be taken as examples in order to achieve positive results.

The President noted, waste management has become a money making racket among certain groups.

President Sirisena added a programme to provide relief to those affected as a result of the collapse of the garbage dump in Meethotamulla has commenced claiming all preparations are in place to provide houses to those whose homes were destroyed.

The garbage dump in Meethotamulla is due to be relocated.

The President said the Urban Development Authority and the Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers has been vested with the responsibility of seeing to it.

President Sirisena also clarified that local resources will under no circumstance be sold to state organisations.

The President said various political forces are attempting to mislead the public and recalled the government’s actions pertaining to the Colombo Port City project.

The President termed the decision by the United People’s Freedom Alliance led government resorting to handing over 200 hectares of land of the project to China as a major betrayal.

Referring to present day the President said steps were taken under the present government to amend the conditions and continue the Financial City project.