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National policy on solid waste management – PM


Meanwhile the Government has directed its attention to formulating a national policy on Solid Waste Management.

Addressing a meeting held at the Ministry of Disaster Management today, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said proposals from all factions will be taken into consideration following which a program will be implemented promptly.

Premier Wickremesinghe also noted that the Colombo Municipal Council and the Treasury will provide the Housing Development Authority with the funds required to construct the houses for the victims of the garbage dump collapse that occurred in Meethotamulla.

Additionally Colombo District Secretary, Sunil Kannangara also speaking at the media briefing said if the individuals who were affected by the Meethotamulla tragedy who lost their houses, if unhappy with new places of residence can obtain the estimated value of their homes that were destroyed instead.

He added that the houses are not being forced upon those affected.

Steps have been taken to completely abolish the housing loans provided by the Housing Development Authority to house owners whose houses in Dhahampura and Pansalhena were affected by the garbage dump collapse.

Issuing a statement the Government Information Department noted that accordingly the housing loans provided by the Housing Development Authority to affected families residing in danger zones in Meethotamulla will be completely abolished.