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New businessmen in SL soon- Ajith Perera


Deputy Minister Ajith P. Perera says the government intends on introducing new businessmen in the country.

Speaking at an event in Bandaragama Deputy Minister Ajith Perera said the government is taking steps to provide start-ups with necessary loans they require in collaboration with the country’s banking system.

The Deputy Minister said the previous United People’s Freedom Alliance led government took endless amounts of loans, adding that within the next 7 years the government has been set the task of paying off loans worth 19 billion US Dollars.

The Deputy Minister said setting aside all these hardships the government has taken steps to provide you with loans in order to further start-up business prospects through the use of the country’s banking systems.

The Deputy Miniser added that in providing the entire loan amount, it is the motive of the government to build up at least 25000 start ups in the country.