President & Chief Ministers to meet

Railway Engine Drivers Union to strike today

UN Peacekeeping Force & Army to launch military exercise

Govt. warns of possibility in rapid spread of AH1N1

Wimal Weerawansa treated at prison hospital

New rules for construction near power lines


New regulations have been introduced pertaining to governing the construction of unprotected buildings in close proximity to power lines.

Accordingly the Public Utilities Commission stated guidelines governing minimum Horizontal and Vertical distance between buildings and power lines will be made mandatory.

The relevant guidelines have been approved by Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ranjith Siyambalapitiya.

Accordingly the minimum distance from a building to power lines which carry less than 1000 volts of power must be vertically 2.4 metres.

The minimum horizontal distance must be 1.5 metres. Henceforth minimum distance towards power lines will be scrutinized prior to the provision of building permits granted for new construction projects.

The PUCSL said permission to do so will be granted by either the Ceylon Electricity Board or the Lanka Electricity Company pvt Limited.