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No need for federal system- TNA


The Tamil National Alliance says it is ready to abandon the proposal on the formation of a federal system when formulating a new Constitution.

Speaking to the BBC World Service, Parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran said, the TNA is ready to provide the necessary support for a meaningful distribution of power which can be accepted by all, without focusing on a federal system.

The MP said the public has misunderstood the meaning of distributing power through the federal system.

MP Sumanthiran said the distribution of power through the federal system, was initially introduced by SWRD Bandaranayake.

Accordingly the TNA believes the Sinhala community will approve a meaningful distribution of power.

The MP stressed the importance of approving a new Constitution through a people’s mandate.

MP Sumanthiran said the Parliament has no ability to make decisions on significant details in the new Constitution, without the people’s approval.

MA Sumanthiran said the TNA does not object the government’s intent to foster Buddhism based on historical details.

However the MP reiterated he believes all citizens will support a meaningful distribution of power for the new Constitution.