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Minister of Petroleum Resource Development Chandima Weerakkody has vehemently rejected the allegations that have surfaced pertaining to the alleged privatization of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

Speaking to media in Habaraduwa Minister Weerakkody said he will resign from his post if such a situation arises.

Minister Weerakkody stated that he is a Member of Parliament and the House has not been informed of such a decision adding that he also is a member of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Cabinet too has not been notified of such a move.

Minister Chandima Weerakkody noted the Opposition feels the need to say something to rouse the public adding that the short answer is that the Cabinet has not been notified and the CPC is a ministry under the purview of the Ministry of Petroleum Resource Developmen.

Minister Chandima Weerakkody reiterated that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation will not be privatised adding that if in the event it does happen, as a representative of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party he will resign.

Minister Chandima Weerakkody added steps have been taken to ensure the efficiency of the management of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and conducted affairs accordingly adding that for the first time in history the CPC was able to incur a profit of nearly 80 billion rupees in 2016.

Minister Weerakkody said the government stands by the process of uplifting the CPC and ensuring its efficiency.