‘Domestic cricket system will be restructured’

2020-08-12 at 18:43

Newly appointed Minister of Sports Namal Rajapaksa promises to restructure the ‘domestic cricket system’ by holding talks with senior cricketers and former players.

Speaking after taking oaths in Kandy as the new Sports Minister, Namal Rajapaksa said he intends on restructuring all sporting bodies in the country.

Emphasising that he is not only the Minister in-charge of cricket, Namal Rajapaksa noted that he will make changes to the cricket system as the public has been demanding it for a lengthy period of time.

He said inputs of all stakeholders will be considered during the restructuring process.

The Sports Minister added that new Cabinet portfolios have been allocated in a way that it will be beneficial for the public.

He noted that the government is planning to implement policies to successfully face all new global challenges amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Minister Rajapaksa also noted that the government is focused on rebuilding the country and therefore urged the opposition fulfil its duties.