Namal expresses regret over Vaas’s decision

2021-02-23 at 13:54

Minister of Youth and Sports Namal Rajapaksa today expressed his regret over the resignation of former Sri Lanka player Chaminda Vaas as a Consultant Bowling Coach claiming he is a talented sportsman and coach and it is regretful that the national team lost such a coach.

The Minister speaking in Parliament noted whether it is a sportsman or coach there is a manner in which the contract should be discussed adding that Chaminda Vaas had made a last-minute request pertaining to an increase.

The Sports Minister said while he does not criticise or justify the request, Vaas was promised Rs.750,000 for the tour of West Indies in addition to the tour fee, which he had rejected.

The Minister however said he regrets Chaminda Vaas’ decision to resign hours before the national team was due to depart for the tour as it is the players that will be inconvenienced, regardless of concerns with the management.

He questioned how authorities will handle the situation if other players and coaches threaten to resign by making demands few hours before leaving for a tour.