Selectors are paid by SLC to pick squads-Harin

2019-04-19 at 15:51

Minister of Sports Harin Fernando says he did not get involved in selections of the squad for the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Taking to Facebook the Minister issued a clarification over several matters related to the squad selection.

Minister Fernando said the National Selectors are paid by Sri Lanka Cricket to do that job adding once the selection process is complete it is approved by the Sports Minister.

The Sports Minister said captaincy and the players were all selected by Selectors adding it is unfortunate to that certain individuals were bringing in religion and other arguments pertaining to the selection process.

Minister Fernando noted ones religion or race should not matter in sports or any other factor either.

He said “What I realized over the last few months of being a sports minister is that you need to have team work in a team sport. This is the responsibility the Selectors have given Dimuth Karunaratne and I believe the current team will do their best and wish them the very best at all times”.

Commenting on the teams composition Sports Minister Harin Fernando claimed he does not believe that we lack in talent stating it’s the confidence and hard work that will get Sri Lanka over the line.

He said as only 15 men are selected, he hopes the team will do justice and called on the public to support them.

The Minister also said “I always believed a good player may not be the best captain and a good captain may not be the best player”.

The Sports Minister also thanked the Selectors for the effort that was put in, in picking the final 15 for the World Cup squad.