Sweat makes the ball a little heavier than saliva-Mickey

2020-06-04 at 13:15

Sri Lanka bowlers have informed Head Coach Mickey Arthur they prefer saliva over sweat to shine the ball following their first training session post lockdown.

The feedback came after the bowlers training on the first day of post-lockdown nets sessions, said sweat is not quite as effective for ball management as saliva.

The ICC Cricket Committee, which Arthur is part of, had recommended a ban on the use of saliva on the ball as an interim measure to counter the coronavirus threat.

Sri Lankan cricketers returned to training earlier this week and will remain in a highly protected environment during the 12-day camp.

Arthur told ESPNcricinfo “It was interesting chatting to the bowlers, who said sweat made the ball a little bit heavier than saliva did. Saliva was their preferred mechanism of shining the ball. But it is what it is now, you’ve just got to get on with it. Because I’m on the cricket committee, I do know the debates and the chats that went around the recommendation to avoid using saliva on the ball – though you can use sweat on the ball because it’s been proven that sweat is not a real threat. The consensus in that committee meeting was: ‘Oh, well, if you can put sweat on, then it’s ok. It’s almost the same.’”

The Committee did not okay the use of artificial substances despite discussions over it.

Arthur said allowing artificial substances would have confused matters in the long run.