Facebook back – though staggered

2019-03-14 at 14:00

After being out much of yesterday, Facebook began to come back to life early today for many users.

The outage is one of the longest the massively popular social network has ever experienced in its 15 years.

Facebook and Instagram started having problems at around noon yesterday, with issues popping up across Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram around the world.

Some users of Facebook-owned WhatsApp reported having issues sending photos on the popular messaging app.

It was not immediately clear what caused yesterday’s outage.

Some users reported seeing a message saying the site was down for “required maintenance,” while others were able to get the social networks to briefly load before discovering that functionality was limited.

According to tweets users in Asia were still having problems on this morning.

In a tweet Facebook reiterated that it is still working on a fix.

Facebook also confirmed that the outage was not the result of any distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack.

As with nearly every Facebook outage, users headed to Twitter with the hashtag #FacebookDown quickly becoming the top trending topic in the United States.

In November, Facebook went down for about half hour and the company said the outage was the result of a “routine test.”