34 people linked to port employees quarantined

2020-09-28 at 14:30

The Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva says another 34 persons who associated six employees of the Colombo Port and their associates, have been directed to quarantine centres.

The group was directed to quarantine after the Port employees came in contact with the 17 Indian crew members on board the fuel tanker that docked at the Colombo Port, who tested positive for COVID-19.

They were tested while the tanker was docked at the Trincomalee Harbour.

Following the development, the crew was not allowed to disembark and the ship was redirected to India along with the crew.

Authorities then received information that the same oil tanker had docked at the Colombo Harbour previously, and certain employees had boarded the ship for various tasks.

Accordingly, all employees who boarded the ship, including five members who had contact with their families after the incident, were directed to quarantine.

The Army Commander speaking to media in Kandy said it will be determined if the group has contracted the coronavirus within the coming week.

The Army Commander said all steps have been taken to prevent a community outbreak of the coronavirus through this incident.

Lieutenant General Silva once again urged the public to strictly follow health guidelines until the last coronavirus patient also recovers.

He noted that the public has complete faith in the country’s coronavirus mitigation efforts adding that therefore citizens must not disregard the threat of the coronavirus.

The Army Commander said the public was severely inconvenienced owing to certain measures taken in order to prevent the spread of the virus.