Don’t politicize the current situation -JVP

2019-04-22 at 16:23

The JVP has requested all political parties to refrain from using the present catastrophic situation in the island for their political benefit.

Propaganda Secretary Parliamentarian Vijith Herath speaking at a media briefing at the party headquarters said the acts of violence were pre-planned. 

He said as a party the JVP denounce this heinous act of terrorism adding the attacks were not masterminded by one individual claiming it is a pre-planned coordinated attack.

The Parliamentarian noted it was revealed that the government received intelligence reports adding however adequate decisions were not taken.

MP Herath stressed the government is responsible of maintaining law and order and protect human lives.

 The MP also vehemently condemned the suicide attacks as a heinous attack on the people. 

The Parliamentarian said it should not be limited to mere investigations and citizens should be notified of who were behind the attacks.

MP Herath claimed the attacks should not be politicised as it is a national tragedy adding measures should be taken to avoid a repeat of such incidents.