Tuk drivers call for a Regulatory Authority

2020-01-17 at 12:30

Three wheeler unions have called for Minister of Transport Management Services Mahinda Amaraweera to establish a Three-Wheel Regulatory Authority at a provincial level for all passenger transport three-wheelers island-wide.

The request was made during a meeting held between union representatives and the subject Minister last evening.

The Minister of Transport was also presented a list of proposals to improve the three-wheel industry.

Several proposals including the introduction of an official uniform for drivers, a request to maintain leasing percentages at their current limits and a decision on an age limit for drivers have been put forward.

Three-Wheeler owners who attended the talks had expressed hope that the incumbent government would succeed in addressing their concerns unlike as all other governments prior had failed to do so.

Representatives had enlightened the subject Minister that although nearly 12,000 three-wheelers were registered in the island at present, around 8,000 are in service for passenger transport.

In response Minister Amaraweera assured owners that the government will not reach or implement any decisions for Three-Wheeler drivers by force.

He however noted that certain drivers who behave unethically or in an unruly manner do harm to the respect of the trade.

The subject Minister had therefore urged trade unions to take collective action in order to address such issues and propose resolutions in this regard to the government.