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VK Sasikala has driven up to the Bengaluru Jail where she will spend the next four years, after the Supreme Court ordered her today to surrender “immediately” in a corruption case.

Her sister-in-law, also convicted by the top court, travelled with her from Chennai to Bengaluru.

Prison authorities in Bengaluru have made it clear that Sasikala will merit no special privileges during her stay in jail.

As she arrived in a big convoy, escorted by the policemen from both states, a few people gathered to watch, a stark contrast from 2014; thousands had gathered when she was last imprisoned along with J Jayalalitha.

Sasikala had performed the last rites at Jayalalithaa’s funeral on Chennai’s Marina Beach, where the politician was buried.

It was her impregnable proximity to Jayalalitha that led Sasikala to easily assume the centre of power after the Chief Minister’s death.

However, her attempt to take the job that Jayalalitha held several times was stomped out by the Supreme Court yesterday when it convicted her.